Is skrill safe

is skrill safe

Id like to start a shop (not only swapping) and would like to use skrill. Is it safe with anybody? Whats the problems with using it if there is some?. This user bought BTC from me and sent euro to my Skrill account, but a couple days later the Skrill staff blocked my account and. www. I'm trying to send money to someone who's paypal is blocked (don't ask), but i'm unsure if this is a safe method for hiding my.

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Stay AWAY THEY can take your Money at any times without telling you anything. So two days before. Please guys please DO NOT EVEN THINK about using this flawless service and please spread this message. But i was able to contact them! I have no account with Skrill and have charges on my account need to get this resolved ASAP the is not working. But Before You accept it, You Must Make sure that the source of the funds is from trusted websites only app Don't Accept it Also. I have majong shanghai kostenlos skrill account, one in TRY the other in EUR. If it means this gamestar com games method is fraudulous i. November 16, Very bad and untrusted website…. When I called the number, the representative was unprofessional, not able to give an answer, was just lying, jetztspielen kostenlos und ohne anmeldung he cant find my. Support ist vollkommen unfähig. Is Skrill safe to use? Conclusion While the hidden charges are a deterrent , the various options of sending money are a plus. They will let you deposit money but not actually use them unless for a lucky few people I suppose because otherwise it would already be down. Maybe I live in an area that has high cyber crime? Thanks for the Financial Ombudsman Complaint info. Wenn Sie eine Prepaid Masterkarte wollen, gehen Sie bitte woanders hin, hier verlieren Sie wertvolle Zeit und Nerven. is skrill safe If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, please let us know. Thanks for posting However i would like to know more. The prospect of having your cash uploaded to an electronic wallet, knowing that the account could be one day locked down and the funds seized is frightening to say the least. The Golden age of Moneybookers The service was regarded as innovative but many were reluctant to deposit their funds in the early stages, waiting to see how this endeavor will pan out. Hero Member Offline Activity: You can take advantage of the fact that many leading currencies are supported. Skrill is a company which turned from a legal business to pure fraud. Quite a nice way to say that u change all your identities.. I got after 8 days an email where they saying that the money left their system and they can not assist further. Eine Überweisung war nun gar nicht mehr möglich!



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